Ruby House - Renovation, North Perth 

Interior Architecture: Sarah Coghlan  Photography: Douglas Mark Black

This image series showcases the renovation of Alex & Sarah's first home in North Perth. The kitchen was the first project, which was fully gutted, including wall removal to open up the space. This was promptly followed by the master bathroom and laundry due to the impending arrival of their first daughter. New flooring throughout, lighting, window treatments and furnishings with a continuous palette connected all the spaces which otherwise expressed a uniqueness per room.


"Finishing the interior renovations just as we became first time parents truly highlighted just how much functional and beautiful design can enhance your life in more than just a physical sense, but emotionally and psychologically too." Sarah, Creative Director of Within


The final stage of the project to be completed was the back yard overhaul in 2017. The overall design aesthetic is a successful combination of classic and daring finishes and furnishings, which is reflective of the couples style. Being an Interior Architect married to a Civil Engineer / Project Manager, the creative process was very much a joining of individuality and practicality, which lead to a stylish and functional outcome.