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Within Studio is lead by Sarah Coghlan.


Meet Sarah Coghlan, the guiding force behind Within Studio. With 20 years of experience in Perth's vibrant design scene, Sarah is not just a seasoned designer but a trusted partner in realizing your dream home.

Driven by a deep passion for creativity and continuous growth, Sarah's experience has honed her into an industry leader. At Within Studio, she thrives on collaborating closely with clients, empowering them with confidence and enthusiasm throughout their design journey.

Drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of collaborations and global adventures, Sarah's approach is as adaptable as it is personalized. She champions a bespoke design philosophy, ensuring that each project reflects the individuality and values of her clients.

Curators of space

At Within Studio, we understand that every space is unique, just like you. That's why we don't adhere to consistent styles or design trends. Instead, we collaborate closely with you to develop a highly customized interior that reflects your individuality. Your story is at the heart of our designs, ensuring that they not only look and feel beautiful but also authentically represent you.

By getting to know you, your family, and your lifestyle, we ensure that your design is as practical as it is stunning. We blend personality, passion, and style to create a space that perfectly suits your needs and evokes the right atmosphere.

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