Curators of space


Welcome to Within Studio, Perth.


Home of talented Interior Architects, Creators, Collaborators and Project Managers.


We like to think of ourselves as curators of space and creators of transformative spaces.


Our bespoke interior architecture and design solutions shift your space, whether that be your home, clinic, or place of work.


Merging timelessness, adaptability, sustainability and functionality with aesthetics, we achieve exceptional results. We work in partnership with our clients through the entire project lifecycle - from concept, through design and construction, to handover. Together, we achieve incredible outcomes.

Your space – your style


We don’t have consistent styles we conform to. Design trends are ever evolving and it’s your space we’re transforming, after all.


Instead, we adapt to you and work with you to develop and create a highly customised interior that reflects the unique you - no two spaces or stories are the same.


This is why your story is important to us, because it ensures our designs tell yours, and in your personal style, not ours. It ensures your designs not only look and feel beautiful, but they also share the story you want to share.


We get to know you, your family, office culture, and lifestyle, so your design is as practical as it is beautiful. We layer a mix of personality, design, passion and style to create a space that has just the right feeling.

Within Studio is lead by Sarah Coghlan.


Using her 15 years of Interior Architecture & Design experience, she works together in partnership with client and a select group of consultants, suppliers and builders to deliver adventurous spaces you will love.


As Creative Director, Sarah brings a great love of design to each and every space with designs that are intelligent, imaginative, expressive and resourceful. Sarah is always motivated to do her part with positive impact and brings depth, beauty and unique layers to each and every detail, turning blank canvases into art.

Over the years we’ve formed a network of local and international suppliers and craftspeople for whom we have the utmost respect. We work with Architects, Builders, Engineers, Planners, Consultants, craftspeople, tradespeople, furniture designers and makers and soft furnishing suppliers. Just as we collect your brief, we use research to gather information on the design world around us, ensuring we can make a positive impact with your project, for you.

Every team member brings something to each project and everyone works in alignment with each other to create something different and amazing.

Now you know our story. Are you ready for us to help you tell yours?