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The stages within:


Concept Design

Your furniture, artwork and styling package begins with preparation of a ‘look & feel document’ to visually convey the design direction. During this meeting, we’ll review any other concept imagery with any photos that you have of homes and interiors that you feel drawn to.

Design Development

Now, we undertake the design process and develop your concept into a refined selection of pieces. We present your furniture and furnishings proposal with options for key pieces, provide samples of preliminary materials/finishes for discussion and produce a floor plan and imagery package including developed ‘look & feel’ per room, to show proposed furniture and objects with existing artworks.


Documentation and Ordering

It’s time to order the special pieces and furniture for your space. Here, we prepare your final floor plan and furniture schedule with finalised pricing for your approval. We begin ordering your selections and await your pieces to be designed, made and shipped.


It’s time for delivery, installation of all your new furniture, pieces and artwork and styling of your special space. Once complete we’ll walk through your new space together, review the project and celebrate!