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Crafting living spaces with finely tuned expertise: where interior design becomes an artform

Welcome to Within Studio, where we specialize in crafting immersive interiors that reflect the nuanced, deep, and original tales that define you. Situated in the heart of Perth, Western Australia, we're your premier residential interior design studio dedicated to transforming houses into forever homes. Our goal is to ensure your home is the absolute best it can possibly be, tailored to your unique story and style.


Sophisticated design meets functional living.

Central to the design brief was the integration of bold hues and textures to create a fun family living space.

Discover how we transformed a tired extension into a vibrant and unexpected colour journey. 

Heritage meets modern

Zucal House is zestful furniture, art and styling project that will delight and surprise.

Take a look at how we layered personality, memories and new forever pieces to complete this families new extension.

A modern extension to a beautiful old cottage.


The design centres around the open plan living, dining and kitchen space which connects all the shared family activities.


Step inside the space that uses form, function and finishes to subconsciously zone open plan living.

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