The Modern Dr Clinic began with the desire to combine the practices of ancient healing and modern medicine. This new concept clinic was started by husband and wife, Dr Adeel and Dr Fatima, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and a Medical Doctor in Perth, who's journey led them to establish a wholistic centre designed to help women achieve balance from within

Nash House is an evolving renovation and extension project, creating a family's dream home from a historic Art Deco property. The existing home has been renovated early this year, which we designed in keeping with its unique heritage. And the extension is currently under construction, designed with a modern twist.

Chelmsford House is a modern extension to a beautiful old cottage in North Perth. The design centres around the open plan living, dining and kitchen space which connects all the shared family activities. Given the long rectangular layout of the space, we designed continuous cabinetry and ceiling battens that connect the space through form and then used changes in the materials and finishes to separate them into the Living, dining and kitchen zones.




13  /  05  /  2021

We are very proud to announce that The Modern Dr. Clinic feature is live on Archello.


10  /  05  /  2021

The pathbreaking interior architecture project The Modern Dr. Clinic is now live on Rethinking The Futrure.


13  /  01  /  2021

Blanc Perth has won the global My Face My Body awards for 'Aesthetic Practice of the Year'.