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The Modern Dr. Clinic on Archello.

Within Studio are thrilled to see the Modern Dr. Clinic on Archello.

The Modern Dr Clinic began with the desire to combine the practices of ancient healing and modern medicine. This new concept clinic was started by husband and wife, Dr Adeel and Dr Fatima, a Chinese Medicine Doctor and a Medical Doctor in Perth, who's journey led them to establish a wholistic centre designed to help women achieve balance from within.

This small and compact space was designed to unite three originally very separate brands, into a unique and visually cohesive clinic. To create this, Within Studio utilised glass panels, colour blocking and transparency to play with light and saturation levels of the brand colours, to create a connectedness between the therapy rooms, that mirrors the patient’s internal journey within the space.

It was vital to the designer to evoke an initial sense of calm and comfort for the clients at the entry point. As you move through the space, each room reveals its own unique identity. In contrast to these visual colour cues, the repetition of dado lines and more subtle colour changes throughout the circulation space, work to connect the individual rooms and provide a sense of familiarity.

The design cleverly aligns doorway openings, glass panels, mirroring and viewpoints to expand the spatial perception and play on the visual depth of the rooms. This visual connectedness allows for an individualised user experience as the visibility and shadows change depending on the level of activation within the clinic.


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