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WITHIN Construction offers the following services for your project


A construction project is a complex undertaking, but with the right planning and team, we will ensure it is an exciting experience. We make sure that your design outcomes make their way carefully through to construction, via a controlled construction management process where certainty is provided around design quality, construction time, and cost. 

Full Design Management - this includes assembly of the consultant team (architect, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic etc.), design coordination and driving of the design milestones and documentation.

Cost Plans - preparation of cost information at various project stages, including project inception, concept design and detailed design.  This includes all costs associated with a project and is extremely useful to guide decision making and ensure your project remains on budget.


Tender Management - Preparing a list of competent, experienced and qualified builders with the necessary financial grounding, to provide a price to build your project.  This service includes a detailed analysis of tender results outlining inclusions and exclusions and trade allowances. We ensure your selected builder is signed up to an Australian Standard or customised contract that defines all project requirements in detail, including cost and completion dates.  

Council Approvals - working with the council to achieve Development Application approval, Building Permits and Occupancy.

Project Staging and Construction Logistics - approaching the design and construction of your project over multiple stages, depending on whether you will be living on site, moving out temporarily, or have individual financial requirements.

Scheduling - Mapping out a detailed design and construction schedule for the team to work to, and for progress to be measured against.

Progress Meetings - regular minuted meetings between client, consultants, suppliers and builders to ensure lines of communication are always open and needs are being met.

Variations and TIME Extensions - There will undoubtedly be some events on the project that impact time-frames and incur additional costs.  WITHIN have extensive experience to make sure any claims are fair and reasonable, and are dealt with accordingly.

Quality Inspections and Defects - Perform regular site inspections to ensure the construction is being undertaken as per the design,  Australian Standards, National Construction Codes and to the highest of standards.  Defects will be recorded and rectified.

Mediation - It is important to acknowledge that with a complex construction project can come some disagreement.  WITHIN have extensive experience in bringing issues to the table in a professional manner so that they can be resolved quickly, to ensure works can continue and the relationship can be maintained.